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Audit Software: How it Works and Benefits EHS Professionals

Auditing software helps organisations streamline their audit processes as well as comply with both internal policies and regulations. It is used for defining, implementing, and monitoring procedures for several purposes like quality management, as well as environmental protection, health, and safety protection. This technology is used by employees from departments like manufacturing or distribution to implement audit procedures and report the results to their superiors. Teammate audit software ensures your company’s processes are compliant with the necessary environment, health, and safety laws.

How Safety Audit Software Works

This piece of software lets organisations streamline their health and safety auditing processes. With this software, companies can easily conduct audits and safety inspections from the field, using tablets or mobile phones.  Also, the software helps synchronise data securely, making it possible to share audits in real-time from anywhere.

Benefits of Audit Software for EHS Professionals

Environment, health, and safety (EHS) professionals have a hectic job. Aside from being thrown in dangerous and stressful work environments, they are expected to know and understand applicable laws, policies, and regulations. They need to supervise the EHS program of their organisation, implement training and corrective actions, as well as manage audits.

A lot of EHS professionals conduct internal audits to prepare for the larger, external audits that regulating bodies require. Fortunately, they can leverage audit software to make their job easier while ensuring the company’s productivity, profitability, and safety.

This software offers the following benefits to EHS professionals:

  • Speedy communication. With audit software, EHS professionals can communicate valuable information to important people almost instantly. It offers the ability to quickly notify team members, review audit results, delegate correction actions, and report to managers when milestones are met.
  • Increased efficiency. Every organisation must continuously assess its efficiency to stay competitive. With a good piece of auditing software, EHS professionals will catch more costly issues, minimise workplace injuries, and accidents, reduce auditing hours, and ensure employee productivity.
  • Ease of use. These days, software for auditing is designed with user-friendly interfaces with a very little learning curve. It allows auditors to retrieve the necessary information on time and efficiently.
  • Customisation. Creating an auditing process from existing resources can result in an audit that does not fit a company’s specific needs. Today’s software lets users customise the forms, the way they are delivered, organised, and connected, as well as the way the company responds to the audit results. Also, users can easily update the software when regulations change, ensuring the company’s compliance in real-time.

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