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Features that Make a Hotel Software a Perfect Fit for Your Property

Every day of activity in a hotel is filled with important decisions regarding the operations of the hotel, management of the staff and steps taken to improve guest satisfaction in every area. It is the primary aim of the managers as well as the staff, that the efficiency should be increased in every area of the hotel. From quickly checking-in guests to recording guest feedback and implementing suggestions to improve services, the managers have to keep in mind all these things and much more.

Given the competitive nature of the hotel industry, it makes sense that hoteliers want to choose the best hotel software in the market for which they go through several property management software reviews. Choosing a hotel software from a reputed vendor can be one of the most crucial decisions as it can impact everything from the daily operations to the long-term expansion plans of the hotel.

Going through the property management software reviews can be a tough task as there are so many features and options that it is easy for anyone to be confused. Here are some of the things you can keep in mind while looking for the solutions that will suit the needs of your property. Ask the answers to these questions and you just might find the perfect PMS that will enhance every aspect of your property.

  • How much does the PMS cost? – While some companies offer the cloud PMS to the clients at a one time payment, others offer a subscription where clients have to pay a monthly or yearly fee depending on the initial agreement. Before going further with the selection of a PMS, this is the most important question you need to ask the vendor. You also need to ask the associated costs such as future updates or features that might be available at an additional cost.
  • Does the PMS operation Require Training the Staff? – A highly complex hotel software will require training of the staff and managers that will need to operate the software. As a manager you should look for a property management system that is easy to understand and use by anyone with basic knowledge of software operation. Once the team from the vendor explains the various features and functions of the software, it should be easy to operate for any member of the staff.
  • Does the Vendor Offer High-Grade Data Security? – Hotel software is responsible for maintaining a lot of important data. From a record of the day-to-day operations of the hotel to the financial and personal information provided by the guests. It is important that the software offers high-grade encryption and data security to save this information from phishing or any other kind of cyber-attacks. The vendor should also offer regular updates to counter any new threats to safety of information in the online sphere.
  • Are Third Party Integrations Easily Available? – If your hotel is already using different kinds of software for certain tasks, it is important that the hotel PMS should be compatible with these software. Also, a high-degree of compatibility means the PMS would be able to integrate with any third-party solutions that your hotel might want to use in the future. Such software can have features that are anything from payment processing to task management or report creation and more. Reviews will often mention the kind of support that is provided by the PMS.
  • Does the Software offer Provision for Growth? – While you might be looking for software to use in your small hotel or a single location property, you might want to use the same software as your business grows. Ask the vendor if the software has the feature set that will grow with the business. Managing a single property through a PMS is much different from managing several properties and you need a reliable solution that can handle these requirements.

Asking these questions from the vendor of your choice will give you a much clearer picture of the kind of solutions that are provided by the vendor for your hotel property. You can also ask for customizations from the vendor if you want a tailor made solution that will enhance the productivity of your staff. Reading property management software reviews is essential to get a deeper understanding of the options available in the market and to learn if these options will meet the unique needs of your property. Once you are satisfied with the answers to your queries, you can ask the vendor to give you a demonstration of the PMS to see how it can help you to accelerate your hotel business.


Choosing a hotel software is a crucial decision that can be instrumental in creating a profitable future for a business. Whether it is a small hospitality business or a large chain of hotels, the right software is the key for taking the business to the next level. There are many things one needs to keep in mind when looking for a software and having a stellar vendor is also essential because after sales service and customer care makes the software a complete package.

At mycloud Hospitality, hotel managers can access an excellent software suite that is designed while keeping in mind the business needs of hotels. As a reliable hotel software vendor, mycloud Hospitality’s services are used by clients all over the world.

The fantastic feature of the software is that it is easy to customize as per the needs of the business. From single location properties to hotels that are part of a large chain, the software can work with all of them with fantastic ease. The customer care team at mycloud Hospitality is also available 24/7 to answer the queries of the users regarding the software. The company regularly updates the software to include latest features and upgrades. If you are interested in learning more, you can check out www.mycloudhospitality.com. You can also call +1-415-390-5039 and schedule a free demonstration of the software at the time of your choice.

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