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Java vs. Kotlin – Which is the best option for Android app development in 2021?


The modern-day Android app development is a common trend used as a means to boost business. However, there’s always a relative guarantee as to whether the app development will end up successful or not. Top of the reasons for this limited guarantee include the choice of the programming language to use.

The best Android App development services can be availed by experienced mobile app development companies to get the most out of the latest technologies and deliver exceptional value to the customers. For many developers, Java is always an easier option, thanks to its unlimited availability. However, the introduction of Kotlin has brought a new dynamic, with most developers preferring Java.

Kotlin Programming Language

When it comes to programming, a language that focuses more on security and reliability wins the race. For instance, Kotlin is considered the programming language to use in 2021, thanks to its general-purpose functionality.

Kotlin is a statically-typed, multi-purpose programming language with type inference. It is a language for both JavaScript and Java Virtual Machine that is designed to integrate fully with Java and improve its interoperability.

It’s also important to note that Kotlin was majorly developed to enhance the developers’ productivity and overcome the challenges of other existing programming languages. Google’s endorsement of Kotlin as its official language for Android App development has seen soaring demand for Kotlin as a preferred programming language.

Java Programming Language

Java is an older programming language compared to Kotlin. It’s also among the few programming languages preferred by most Android developers. Apart from Android development, Java is also preferred for web development, enterprise software development, and networking.

The language is also statically typed, object-oriented, class-based, and brings in a domineering coding style in programming. Like Kotlin, Java also runs on Java Virtual Machine. Some of the top Android platforms developed by Java include Instagram, Spotify, and Uber.

Why Kotlin Over Java?

The growth in preference for Android as a top operating system on Google meant developers must get an Android App Development Toolkit. This brought into the picture the programming languages of Kotlin, Java, and HTML as necessary for successful web app development.

Among all the languages, Kotlin and Java are considered the best due to their depth and higher practicability levels. However, Kotlin stands out as the top programming language for Android development in 2021 because of the following reasons:

It has an In-built Composition

This ensures there is greater efficiency of Android App developers. The developer can spend less time writing and deploying programs because the app development process is shortened.


For enterprises with a vast java codebase, Kotlin is a suitable language that is fully interoperable with Java. Also, Kotlin comprises an Android Studio, which offers adaptation tools and extended support for top web App development trends.

It’s Concise

Another reason why Kotlin is preferred over Java as a programming language is its conciseness. The codes written in Kotlin are usually brief, which ultimately increases efficiency and leaves less room for error.

Final Thought

While Java and Kotlin are both popular programming languages believed to be the best, you should plan your android App development in 2021 using Kotlin. We believe Kotlin offers you more benefits that don’t quite come often when you use Java.

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