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Revamping An Existing Website: Things To Consider

Even the best-designed websites must be reimagined and redesigned at some point. If you have a business website, or ecommerce site, which is more than three years old, you should consider getting it redesigned. Redesigning and overhauling an existing website, to reinvigorate interest in a brand, can be challenging. In this post, we are sharing some of the basic aspects that must be considered.

  • Hire the right service. If you are looking for companies specializing in web development Adelaide, there is no dearth of options. What is more important is the expertise of an agency. Consider a web design company that has been around for years, has experience in designing similar websites, and has at least some understanding of online marketing. In fact, many agencies do offer services like logo design, graphic design, and SEO, which can be an added advantage.
  • Figure out the recent web design trends. When you are redesigning a website, you have to ensure that it is in sync with the latest trends. In other words, the website must be appealing and worth a visitor’s time. For instance, simple, black & white themes are now a norm in many niches & industries. There are endless blogs on recent web design trends, but the idea is to keep things simple and effective

  • Retain consistency. A new website is not just for your potential customers, but also the existing ones. When you hire an agency for the job, ask them to retain some level of consistency in the design and theme, so that existing customers and loyalists can identify with the website. This could be done by keeping the logo or color scheme similar, or by adding images that were previously used.
  • Get estimates in advance. Most web design agencies in Adelaide will be happy to offer an estimate in advance, and we strongly recommend that you check beyond the surface. The expertise, experience and team collaboration approach of an agency can make a big difference to the project. Simply put, don’t select a company because they are the cheapest in business.
  • Think of SEO and online marketing. A website that has been revamped must adhere to the basic SEO practices and standards of online marketing. The agency you select should be capable of designing a portal that’s ready for marketing and branding. You can even choose to start onsite SEO before the launch.

An overview of the process

Clients need to take active interest in the website redesign process. If you have a few comments and ideas, make sure to share with the design team, so that changes can be incorporated early on. It is also important to ask for a deadline for the project, although it is best to allow the agency to get the desired time, unless you have a launch date that cannot be changed.

Also, expect the agency to offer you a demo of how the website will be managed in the backend, and ideally, their team should offer tech support for at least a month.

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