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Website personalization has to do with tailoring a website to suit the particular needs of different visitors based on factors such as; demographic, purchase behavior, geographic location, etc. the aim of personalizing websites is to improve customer experience, achieve a greater conversion rate, enhance customer loyalty, build brand awareness, and so much more.

In recent times, a lot of people suffer from information overload, owing to the amount of free information available at just a few clicks of a phone screen or computer keyboard. It is therefore quite easy to get lost amidst all this information without eventually getting what you set out for. What website personalization does is, it guides the customer or consumer through a specific consumption funnel based on habits and other factors listed above. By so doing, customers have fewer options to choose from which have been targeted to suit their specific needs.

Website personalization can be achieved by using website personalization tool or website personalization software. Several benefits are associated with this marketing metric, they include;

  • Better product recommendations

Website personalization tools help to tailor products that suit the particular needs of the customer.  This is done by obtaining customer information such as buying attitude, geographical location, the time they visit your website, demographic, etc. this makes thee customer feel seen by the brand that is, the customer becomes confident of the fact that their taste and preferences are well known by the brand.

  • Better Landing Pages

Most times, a landing page cannot be a one size fits all. It is important to curate landing pages based on the audience in question. A landing page for a 30-year-old guy with a stable income cannot work for a 20-year-old female college student. These two demographics of people have different needs and get attracted by entirely different things. Since landing pages are a huge tool in conversion, website personalization tools should be employed here for optimum experience and output.

  • Improve conversions on Call-to-Actions

By personalizing your website, you are able to improve the quality of your CTAs and hence the total conversion rate. Irrespective of what type of CTA you choose to implement on your website, it is important that you use one specific to the different types of audiences you have. For example, you will not use a CTA that asks a user to sign up for your services if that user is not a first timer. Considering that they’ve used your website or product before, you may want to suggest a free trial for a service or something along those lines.

  • Build Customer Loyalty

As you continue to provide user specific displays on your website, it builds an emotional connection with your customers. This connection is what will bring them back each time they need the service you offer.

Website personalization tools are a great way to effectively personalize your website. This digital marketing strategy has been proven by research to boost sales and improve the overall conversion rates of websites by highly significant percentages.

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