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An Bui Marketing: How to Stay on Top Of Your Job Search

If you have been unemployed or have been job hunting for a long time, you are likely to become demotivated, frustrated, or disheartened. Finding your ideal job takes effort. As a job seeker, how can you stay on top of your job search?

Undeniably, finding a job involves a lot of preparations from reading job descriptions to crafting your cover letter and resumes to the actual process of going through job boards and making decisions.

It’s difficult to keep upbeat when nothing seems to be going perfectly. But there are some practical tips from An Bui to simplify and organize your job search, making it a smooth and stress-free process for you.

6 Tips to Stay on Top Of Your Job Search

To prevent slipping into a terrible mental and emotional condition, here’s what you need to do to stay happy, focused, and upbeat.

1. Plan out what you want from work

What kind of role would you like to take on next? It’s important that you have figured this out first before jumping on job search and wasting your time sending those applications on jobs you barely understand or want. Give your responses to the following questions:

  • What can you offer in terms of technical and soft skills?
  • Who do you wish to collaborate with?
  • What is your ideal workplace culture?
  • What are your preferred locations?
  • What is your preferred salary range?

2. Determine your personal brand

This may sound daunting, but it’s really just about looking back at what you have done in the past and what you want to do in the future.When you can present yourself and your personal brand, you are more likely to get that dream job you have been looking for.

Self-awareness is important because it comes along with knowing your strengths and weaknesses. If you can demonstrate the thing you can do for the employer, you present yourself as an attractive candidate.

3. Explore outside of your comfort zone

We have completely established how important it is to know what you want, not what you are comfortable with. This is the time to do extensive research and go beyond the roles you’ve held and maybe even the industry you’ve worked in.

Job titles are evolving and roles are being added or removed. Use your creativity when exploring the traditional job titles in your industry.

4. Keep track of your job hunt

The job search process is easier when you know what roles you are interested in. Knowing exactly what your role is based on your skills and experience is important. Making use of the internet and tools helps you a lot to keep track of the jobs you saved or applied for including your previous searches and recommended jobs.

5. Tap into your network

Job roles evolve over time and it is important to keep track of the new trends. Your network would be a great source of this information.

It’s always better to keep in contact with those who are already in the industry. You probably know someone in recruitment who can give you suggestions in this regard, as watching the trends is an important part of their jobs.

6. Remain positive and schedule breaks

Getting drained and overwhelmed with what looks like a never ending process of preparations, searching, and job interviews are expected. Exerting effort is exhausting and not hearing back after your 50th application can be disheartening.

You are allowed to feel emotions but a good employee can manage these emotions by making sure you take breaks. Keep your thoughts out of the job search and do something you enjoy, like going for a walk or watching a movie. Keeping a positive attitude will help motivate you to continue with your search.

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Who Can Help Me to Stay on Top?

A job search can be overwhelming at times, especially if you need a job right away. It frequently appears that there is far too much to do in a short period.

Breaking down the process, staying organized is one way to reduce stress and improve your job search. Doing so can help you feel like you have completed a small portion of your job search each day, and you will make slow and steady progress toward your goal of finding a job you want to do rather than a job you have to do.

The six tips from An Bui listed above are organized in such a way that they will take you from the very beginning to the very end of your job search. Gain advice on how to find jobs and access the job market through Online Career Accelerator.

The Online Career Accelerator makes it simple to navigate your career. It is home to experts who provide straightforward, practical advice on job hunting, resume writing, salary negotiations, and other career-related topics. Whether you want to find a new job, advance in your current position, or explore new opportunities, our 10-week program will help you get there.

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