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Applying an Online Room Reservation System

A room reservation software has become a very important aspect of today’s hotels and other types of accommodations. Room reservation systems are used to make available various services such as room availability and reservation online. Today’s online room reservation system consists of various features such as multi-room reservation, online room scheduling, and multi-station room linking. These systems also support multi-point routing and real-time secure key entry.

The present invention relates to an operational process of the online room reservation system wherein the user is provided with options about various rooms through their communication device, the online computer system of such process comprising the central server computer that can be connected directly to the user’s electronic communication device via conventional communication network for accessing databases storing room information, session history recording and many more such services.

The central server provides users with options for multiple rooms. The information provided includes such parameters as reservation status, availability status, rate of rooms along with other such details. The system also enables reservations for multiple rooms even if they are already occupied.

The online room reservation system also facilitates multi-station scheduling of rooms. This feature is achieved by the central server using electronic devices linked to multiple computers. With this feature, multiple rooms can be scheduled simultaneously without affecting the other ones.

The online room reservation system can also be modified or personalized by the user. This feature makes it possible for the central server to generate customized options based on the specified parameters such as room number, room description, the minimum and a maximum number of people for reservation, first and last name of the person to be contacted for booking purposes, and many more such options.

The reservation process also comprises multi-step processing. For instance, to make changes in the booking, a user has to go through the steps one at a time. Once the changes are approved, the changes will be applied to the whole booking process. Thus, the entire booking process becomes automated and operates automatically.

The online room reservation system can also be used to implement room assignments for special events such as corporate parties, meetings, school/ college events, fundraisers, conventions and meetings, etc. The assignment of rooms depends on the type of the special event.

For example, to assign a hotel room to a company for a special event, the event coordinator needs to make use of the special event management software. The system can also be used to assign hotel rooms to hotel guests based on their location and their payment records. The software can further be configured to assign rooms to clients who have recently traveled or purchased packages, apartments to hotel guests that stay for a long duration, and so on.

Another application of this online room reservation system is the Customer Service Management application, which is a part of the entire booking process. It contains features that help in collecting and recording customer details such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc. Once these details are collected by the channel manager, he can contact them individually via email, toll-free numbers, and chat options.

Some of these features may include voice messages, which enable the customer to ask any questions regarding his booking, while others may allow the customers to contact the channel manager through email, text messages, and other online tools. Some of these features may also enable automatic confirmation of orders and payments made by the customers.

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