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Everything You Need to Know About Study Resources for Board Exams

Board exams are still considered a turning point in your academic life. If you want to ace the board exams, you need to prepare well with the various resources available. There is no shortage of study materials. However, finding the right resource can be difficult.  In case you are confused about which study resources to use, then take a look at this article. We have tried to make it easier for you to find the appropriate reference materials.

Vital reference material for you is the textbook. You can understand and appreciate the role of school textbooks be it of CBSE or by state boards like GSEB, in preparing for the board exams, from this article here.

Best Reference Materials For Board Exams

Apart from the books, there are other extensive study materials available for you to prepare most diligently and effectively for the final exams. Find here the list of reference materials.

  • Textbooks prescribed by the state board based on the syllabus for the subject, class and academic year
  • Most recent updated syllabus of all subjects for the respective classes
  • Additional reference materials like the solutions or guides
  • Previous year question papers, preferably for the last five years
  • Sample papers or mock tests to get an idea about writing exams
  • Important questions based on the topics likely to be covered for the question papers
  • More questions for practising before the exams
  • Have a complete list of formulas, important experiments and derivations
  • Go through the notes on essential topics to revise for the exams

Benefits of Study Materials

In this article, apart from listing out the reference materials, we have also tried to give you information about these study documents’ benefits. See, from this article on how these exam study materials can help you score well.

School Textbooks– Explains all the concepts and topics taught in class in a simple manner. Most of the question papers are prepared based on this.

Previous Year Papers– These are the best resources to give an idea about the exam pattern and the marking scheme. You will learn how to answer the questions more effectively.

Mock Tests– These are used to gauge one’s exam preparation level and performance, based on which you can plan your future study plans.

Solutions and Guide books– You can refer to these to know the most effective way to write accurate answers for the questions.

Sample Papers and Important Questions- These are the best resources for you to get an idea about the questions that are likely to be asked in the exams. Practising these questions also helps with time-management during exams.

Notes and list of formulae and derivations- These help you to revise the subject for the exams. These are the best ways to remember difficult topics and concepts.

The entrance test is as important as the board exams, and these resources are equally helpful for preparing for competitive exams. If you are well versed with the textbooks like the GSEB textbook std 10, you will find it easier to crack these exams, as you would have mastered all the key concepts and highlights of the required subjects.

The best way to ace in both is to study well and write the exams effectively. In this article, you can find everything you need to know about the resources to prepare most proficient for the board exams. Just refer to these materials and acing the exam will be a breeze for you.

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