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How to start your career as a Forex trader – step by step guide

Forex trading can be a rewarding experience for people who are starting out with a solid foundation. The result will be nothing but disaster for those who start without training and without a trading plan, without using a Forex calculator or tech analysis. You will quickly develop and perpetuate bad habits that will end up destroying your capital very quickly.

If you are drawn to the opportunities to make money in the financial markets, then now is the time to become a trader!

But be aware that online trading is by no means easy and being a trader is a profession. Let’s dive deeper into how to start and reach success in the Forex market.

Step 1. Finally decide to Trade Forex

First and foremost, you need to think carefully. Foreign currency trading is not a casino where you can make money by guessing the stock price, nor a bank where interest accumulates over time. Like any other profession, online trading in the forex market requires certain knowledge, skills, and moral qualities. When you trade Forex, you have to constantly learn and improve your knowledge. And, most difficult, you have to be able to make decisions by analyzing your successes and mistakes.

Step 2. Start Learning Trading

To trade Forex, you must first acquire knowledge. There is hardly a chance that you will get there unprepared as there are a lot of terms and phrases specific to the financial markets that can be confusing for a beginner, so it’s best to be prepared.

Step 3. Choose a Forex Broker

Armed with your knowledge, you can start trading in the financial markets. Forex trading services are provided primarily by brokers and banks. Hence, you need to choose a company you trust, and for this, there are many Forex brokers. This step is very important. There are many useful articles and tutorials on the internet on how to choose a Forex broker. Reviews on Forex brokers, advice from professional traders, and Forex forums are great to help a new trader. Do not hesitate to ask! Everyone was once a beginner and therefore faced the same questions and issues.

Step 4. Open a demo account to practice

It is strongly recommended that a novice trader who has only theoretical knowledge immediately open a real trading account.

How, then, can a novice trader gain practical experience? For this, all Forex brokers provide demo account services. A demo account is opened free of charge, funded with virtual currency, and allowed to trade in real conditions. To open a demo account on the Forex broker’s website, you usually need to register by providing your details and confirming your identity.

Step 5: Switch from a demo to a real account.

It’s time to switch to a real account. A novice trader will rub his hands at the thought of stumbling hard cash he can win. Here it is worth thinking carefully because the fact is that Forex trading involves very high risks of losing your capital because, unlike a demo account, money is no longer virtual.

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