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What is the future of e-gaming?

The concept of e-gaming or online gaming is not new, but it has gained popularity in recent years. Especially during the pandemic, the industry has seen exponential growth in users. E-gaming came into the eyes of people in the early 70s. And in these 50 years, it has seen a drastic change, both in terms of technology and users.

But now what after this? What is the future of e-gaming from here? Let us see

Increase in the number of users

The number of users on e-gaming platforms is increasing rapidly, and with this pace, the future of this industry seems shining. The new generation is taking PC games as a profession and are gaining experience at an early age. The field of e-gaming does not ask for any qualification apart from an interest in play and dedication. That is why many people are taking this as a career.

Trending games

In the initial years, few games were there in e-gaming, but now almost every game played in the actual world is available in the e-gaming industry. In all these years, various games which were in trend came to e-gaming. Cricket, football, chess, racing games, adventure games, action, and strategical games are now available on e-gaming platforms. So, the industry also follows the trend and adds new games to the list.

Ever upgrading technology

Over the years, the e-gaming industry has seen many technical upgrades. Both graphics and consoles are getting advanced day by day. It shows the growth of technology in this field, and in the coming years, it will touch new heights. PlayStation, Xbox, real-world graphics and so many other advancements clearly show that there is much more to come in the future. The upcoming advancement in the e-gaming industry would change the gaming experience completely.

Revenue growth

Entertainment, contentment, and excitement all are there in e-gaming, but what about revenue? As the industry has gained popularity, many big brands are now sponsoring and advertising on this platform. It makes e-gaming a good revenue source. Live streams, prize money, ad-sense revenue are some basic ways which generate revenue. The industry revenue growth has increased in an earlier year and exponentially since the beginning of the pandemic.

Now, people and brands both know the potential of this industry, the industry revenues will be soaring high. That’s why many people are taking it as a career.


Gaming now is taken as a profession. Earlier, only a few people on campus used to play professional leagues, but now it is on the global level. Online tournaments, leagues, and teams’ games are organized which now has a large fanbase and thus it gets viewership on big platforms like YouTube. Professional players are also joining the esports platform. This shows that the future of this industry is going to be great.


The continuous growth in technology and the possibilities for e-gaming are endless. Although the lockdown in the pandemic boosted the growth, a decent year-on-year growth was always there. Many youngsters and even professional players have joined the e-gaming platforms which clearly shows how much people are loving PC games and Mac games. And therefore, the future of industry will be at new heights.

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