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3 New Marketing Strategies That Technology Invented

Marketing gurus have always focused their energies on selling more products and generating more leads. People like David Ogilvy revolutionized the way people buy products and developed new marketing strategies. But over time, there was a need to reach more people and sell more products. Technology provided the answers that marketers were looking for for a long time. New Tech developments have empowered marketers to reach more audiences and sell products like never before. Keep reading to find out about these three breakthrough marketing strategies invented by New Technology. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Tech gave birth to something that now influences every single moment of our lives: Social Media. These brave new social platforms empower people to come together to form online communities. Both people and governments trust social Media all over the world to communicate and share thoughts. But where there are people, there is a way for marketers to sell things. Social Media Marketing has paved the way for marketers to sell items online easily and efficiently. Social Media regulations like facebook advertising policies keep an eye on what marketers promote on Social Platforms, so ethical values are never compromised. 

  • Email Marketing 

There was a time when physical mail allowed marketers to earn billions of dollars. People received emails in their mailboxes and made buying decisions based on the Mail Ad copy. The new form of this marketing is email marketing . Email Marketing is a proven Direct-response marketing strategy that paved the way for savvy marketers to sell more products to enthusiastic online people. Email copy plays a huge role in the success of an Email Marketing campaign. Though Tech heavily influences email Marketing, there is a flair for traditional marketing that makes it effective and scalable. 

  • Search Engine Marketing

Search Engines have revolutionized how we get relevant information. As the name suggests, the Internet is a network that connects websites or information from all over the world. Search Engines make it possible for people to find the possibly best results among billions of information pieces available worldwide. Search Engine Marketing allows marketers to rank their websites on top of ranking pages. Marketers do this promotion by either using SEO or PPC models. Search Engine Marketing is very efficient as internet users do billions of web searches every single day on the search engines. Websites that rank on top of relevant searches have a better chance of selling more products and attracting more customers. 

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