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Next-Gen IT Skills You Need to Have

Our world is reliant on technology to function; we use a computer to process complex computations for work, we use a cellphone for basically everything- from talking to friends to passing the time, and even activities like shopping and banking are now done online. It’s not an understatement to say that as a society, we need technology to keep our lives going.

This reliance on tech has resulted in requiring a wide array of tech-related skills and expertise. Which in turn, has resulted in a prolific industry requiring all manners of tech-related and IT skills. Charter and public schools now offer information technology courses in their curriculum, reflecting the need for such expertise. But what does a tech-filled future hold for those looking to upgrade their skills? Here’s a quick list to get you started.

Tech Repair for a Sustainable Future

The modern generation is highly aware of the perils of letting the environment deteriorate, but how does technology play into this? Most of the gadgets that we use contain rare chemicals and minerals that need extensive mining to acquire. This has raised the interest and concern of many: our resources are finite, is there a way to stop this over-consumption?

The result is an emphasis on repairs and re-purposing over buying new technology. As tech hardware increases in both power and price, older but sufficient hardware that requires repairs and refurbish will increase. The diminishing returns of the yearly smartphone releases have also affected this: yesteryear’s flagship phone can still contend in the market today. That’s why learning how to repair hardware is a crucial skill moving forward.

Graphic Design in the Digital Market

Art has always been integral in our society, but never has it been more painfully obvious than it is now. Every time we scroll through social media, we see the digital graphic design at work. Whenever we go through websites, parts of the display gorgeous graphic design. The common belief that art is an industry without any money is now being dispelled, as the masses gain more awareness about digital design.

Since technology and user interface plays an important part in our everyday life, honing skills in graphic design is a great way to future-proof yourself. Resources for learning are plenty, and software, both paid and open-source, is accessible to anyone who wants to learn. The only thing left is for you to practice and put in the effort.

System Administration is a Serious Contender

Many large companies employ complex network systems that require constant managing and maintenance. These networks run their information and data at very high frequencies, requiring a professional to make sure that everything functions smoothly. Enter the system administrator. They’re the ones responsible for maintaining the daily operation of this system.

They have a wide set of responsibilities, from organizing and installing a company’s computer system to making sure that the local and wide area networks are working properly. They’re also the ones making sure that internal communications are all working well. System administration is a job that will not be obsolete any time soon, as we only rely on technology more and more as the years go by.

DIY Tech for Creative Minds

Technology empowers us, giving us the ability to reach places we’ve never been to before or do things that are outright impossible without it. This feeling of empowerment could not be felt better anywhere else than the maker community, a loose community of DIY tech enthusiasts who like building their own hardware. From single-board computers to breathing new life to older devices, the maker community creates and makes all manner of technology.

Smart mirrors that act as a virtual assistant, a personalized retro-gaming console, a micro-computer for TV use, are just a speck in the long list of projects makers do. But is this hobby profitable at all? While it is, first and foremost, a hobby, the skills, and knowledge required to encompass professional level. And most makers eventually make the jump into creating dedicated hardware for specific tasks, often at the behest of clients, making it a really considerable job in the future.

Linux is Still the Next Big Thing

Often perceived as difficult to learn and something only for dedicated ‘geeks’, Linux has always been on many tech enthusiasts’ radar, but with very little engagement. But there’s a good reason why learning Linux now is a good idea: more companies are taking advantage of its flexible and open-source nature to create a custom OS for their systems. These custom OS fulfill a very specific task and often require a Linux professional to maintain and operate them. Linux is not as difficult to learn as many people think, and learning it is another addition to your ever-expanding skillset.

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