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What is forensic watermarking, and can it help to detect piracy and content theft?

The content creation and distribution industry is observing a massive spike with recent technological advancements. With the arrival of cloud technology, high-speed internet, and streaming, content providers can offer premium content like the latest movies, music videos, tutorials, and a lot more through their content distribution platforms.

However, these advancements also call for some robust content encryption techniques to safeguard the content from unauthorized access and piracy. One of the most effective protection techniques of DRM video protection is video watermarking, also known as Forensic watermarking, or digital watermarking.

What Is Forensic Watermarking?

Forensic watermarking is the process of adding a sequence of characters or code onto the image, video, or any digital document. The watermarks are embedded on the documents in such a way that it is almost impossible to remove the watermark without damaging the content. Watermarking is primarily used to protect the content from theft and piracy. Let’s check how.

How can Forensic Watermarking help to deter piracy and content theft?

Forensic watermarking is carefully embedded onto the content, ensuring that the content-quality is not compromised due to the watermark. However, it is impossible to remove the watermark without damaging the video. Forensic watermarks can also be inserted deeper into the distribution chain and can contain information about the distribution and/or subscriber. This type of encryption is widely used for digital programs and software.

Editing techniques like filtering, cropping, re-encoding will only damage the content-quality more and more, making the stolen video unplayable.

If the pirated content is displayed with the watermark, it becomes easy for the service provider to locate the content and take legal actions against the pirated content provider. So, overall, content theft and piracy are greatly restricted when the content is protected using forensic watermarking.


Forensic watermarking, such as video watermarking or image watermarking, is surely an effective technique to deter piracy and content theft. Today, watermarking is being used by even the top Hollywood studios to protect their content from theft and piracy. So, if you are a content provider, make sure your content is protected with DRM video protection and forensic watermarking.

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