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Why is it Imperative to be Prudent in your Search for a Desired Font?

The most common questions asked by most publishers about the typesetting and designing of their books would be – what font should they use? It implies that they are not willing to blindly follow the default fonts available in a majority of word press programs. It might not be an easy question to answer. You cannot ask anyone about the best car model to commute to work every day. Everyone would have a different answer. Rest assured that almost everyone you ask the question would give you a correct answer, based on their experience.

Be prudent in your search

Find below two caveats before proceeding to the available options.

The typeface you intend to choose might be dependent on how you wish to print the content. Most serif fonts offer thick and thin portions of every letter. For digital printing, consider steering away from fonts with very thin segments. It might become very faint and hamper the readability.

It would be vital that you do not get carried away with the numerous fonts available at your behest. Most of the fonts have been made suitable for titles, emotional impact, advertising, headlines, etc. Rest assured not to use more than a selected few fonts for your content. Consider choosing a faux font to meet your specific needs. Based on your needs, consider choosing a new font for tables, graphics, photos, etc. You could consider a chosen font to use on the front cover. This 3-dimensional all-caps display typeface enables you to form completely outlined glyphs.

In case, you inquire about other designers, you might receive other suggestions. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to be prudent in your choice of fonts to meet your specific requirements. You might go through some books with more unusual font choices. However, there have been several reasons for it. You should be careful with your consideration of the readability effects.

Your target audience

It would be worth mentioning here that you should give a thought to the targeted audience. Very old and very young readers would be relatively better with larger types. Rest assured that immensely dense text with long paragraphs seldom requires a wider font and more leading.

It would be in your best interest to choose the one based on your gut reaction regarding the example of typeset offered to you. Rest assured that ask for a second opinion from people. They would read it and tell you whether one option has been relatively easier to read than the other.

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